WTF??? Or How to use this website in a few simple steps...

The Wall

The wall is the heartbeat of the community. Visit the wall to see what other members are doing, posting, and looking at. You can also like and comment on other members activity.


The Forum

The forum is the place for longer running discussions about strats, games, and other clan related issues.


The members page is a directory of clanmembers. You can find your friends here and see their profiles, awards, and comments.



Members can earn community awards and unlock achievements within the clan to show their strengths and contributions to the clan on their trophy case. There’s awards for supporting the clan, as well as winning in the annual clan tournaments.

Custom Servers

Clan dues pay for tournament prizes, custom servers, teamspeak and web server fees.



Members can access extra resources like pre-built Twitch overlays for their twitch stream for use is OBS. These overlays are updated and in use by several clan members so check us out on twitch to see what they look like. Download the full source for free when you become a member!


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