Announcing Kill4Play's new Rust Server, hosted on dedicated hardware, this server is fast! No lag and great for international conflicts. ... Read More
September 3, 2015LarcenIII
Rust Update August 27th 2015
by LarcenIII / / Rust
Rust Updates: Just the important stuff! Weapons Aim has been altered. Now go get better with the new Lazy Aiming! You ... Read More
August 27, 2015LarcenIII
Who will win in this epic showdown?
August 21, 2015LarcenIII
WTF Japan
by LarcenIII / / wtf
All I can say is, you were warned... Which leads down in to the spiral of Japanese Baby Metal And of Course omgwtf  
July 8, 2015LarcenIII Here's some good resources to watch during the summer sale:
June 11, 2015LarcenIII
New Logo Mockup
by LarcenIII / / News
  It's just a mockup I've been thinking about. Several themes persist throughout this version that I like.... Read More
April 27, 2015LarcenIII


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