M4A4 X-Ray vs Real Xray of a real AR-15 Rifle


M4A4 X-Ray vs Real Xray of a real AR-15 Rifle

So as some of you may know, I’ve been rocking the M4A4 X-Ray for a long while now is Counter-Strike:GO. It’s an impressive weapon skin that’s certainly undervalued as a factory new skin goes around $6.

Here’s the skin I’m talking about:




And now here’s a real AR-15


There’s a few notable differences, remembering the fact that one’s a video game gun, and the other is a real weapon, that I noticed. I was considering making my own x-ray skin for another weapon, and submitting to valve but I doubt it would pass considering this has already been done. But here goes the differences I’ve found.

Barrel length is obvious, but also the bore appears much smaller due to the thicker barrel. The barrel also has a tapering chase AND an active round can be seen inside this model.

The trigger, hammer, action and springs all seem very accurate, but the amount of ammo is very different. The M4A4 in CSGO has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds (and 3 extra magazines ) and in the x-ray skin keeps in line with 30 rounds visible in the magazine . Meanwhile the AR-15 we can clearly see 12 of the 24 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. Standard issue magazines are 20- or 30-round staggered-column magazines. This one is likely a partially loaded 30 round magazine.

I’m also glazing over the small differences like the handle, stock screw and shoulder strap clip, and a much more clearly defined firing pin.


I wish the ingame skin was more visible. What do you guys think? See anything I missed?





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